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Organic Capsules  

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (domestic orders)!  All products made FRESH to order.  If you need a rush delivery, please specify at checkout.  
This is a private residence, not a store, so pick up is by appointment only.


Turmeric Vitality Super Tea!

If you are looking for hand made, truly natural and organic
bath and body care essentials and organic herbal teas made with care and love, you have come to the right place! 
Welcome to Lost River Naturals!
My creations are a labor of love ... safe and gentle on you and on the earth.
Cleansing sugar scrubs, natural deodorants and powders, nourishing herbal oils and salves, detoxifying bath treatments, aromatherapy flaxseed pillows, over 2 dozen hand blended herbal teas, and much more are available right here.
 "Recently tried your Freedom Deodorant Cream and I just LOVE IT.
It is THE BEST natural deodorant I've ever experienced. It's just the right balance of  ingredients. Its texture is perfect and doesn't bug my sensitive skin. It also lasts forever! I never want to use anything else."
 ~Suzanne of Wyomissing, PA. 

My organic herbal syrups and tinctures are a favorite in our house for keeping the family healthy and happy.
 ~I am a work at home mama who is devoted to making REAL products that are not only luxurious, but good for you ~ body, mind and spirit! I do not make or sell anything that I would not use in my own home or on myself and children.  In fact, we enjoy the benefits of these products each and every day!
Susan K. in Charleston says:"Every time I use your sugar scrubs, I wonder what kind of magic you're using!"
that's me with my little loves! 
What I Do
I offer natural and organic bath and body products for the whole family.  Every creation is made lovingly by me in my own home.  I use pure, certified organic essential oils and herbs to scent and color my products.  You won't find any harmful chemicals inside ~ only pure, natural and organic ingredients. 
Creating delicious herbal tea blends is so much fun and offering them to you is a pleasure!  We taste test and approve each and every one!
Why Choose Natural and Organic?
Unfortunately, dangerous chemicals are present in all aspects of daily life; they are in our homes, in the water we drink, in the foods we eat, and in the very air we breathe. Limiting exposure to harmful toxins is the most important thing we can do to ensure long, happy, healthy lives.  It is shocking to me that dangerous, known toxins and carcinogens are legally allowed into personal care products like baby care products, shampoos, makeup, lotions and toothpastes. 
~Chemicals are readily absorbed through the skin, especially in the bath or shower when the pores are opened from the warmth of water and steam.  The good news is, healthy ingredients are also absorbed through the skin like healing herbal essential oils and salt minerals.
I do not need to use harsh ingredients, preservatives, colorants, artificial fragrances or other synthetic chemicals, because nature has provided me with
everything I need for the making of my delightful, nourishing products.
 About Me
I am a 42 year old home-birthing, home-schooling mama.  I am a native of Charleston, South Carolina where I now live with my husband and kids.  My family and friends are my inspiration for finding healthier ways of living and it's because of them that I continue to seek knowledge and gain wisdom. 
In 2002, I entered the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy with my husband. Being immersed in an environment that teaches respect for the human body and its natural ability to heal itself, changed my whole perspective on health and well-being.  Upon graduating and starting a family of my own, I devoted most of my free time learning everything I could about herbs and holistic ways of healing.  I also began ridding our home of any and all chemicals.  I currently make all my own natural cleaning supplies, and many of the personal care products we use in our daily lives.  Every day continues to be a learning experience for me; I just have a hunger for knowledge and have surrounded myself with folks who inspire me to learn more.
If you aren't quite ready to make a purchase, please don't hesitate to email me directly for questions or concerns. 
For special orders or requests, please email me at connie@lostrivernaturals.com .  I often customize a product/tea to eliminate an allergen or unfavorable ingredient at no extra cost.
Contact Connie 
 or text (843) 637-1433
~If you experience an unfavorable reaction to any product, please discontinue use immediately.  To perform an allergy test before using a new bath or body product, apply a small amount to the inside upper arm, leave on for one minute then rinse off.  If you see an unfavorable reaction within 24 hours, please discontinue use.  Keep products stored up and away from children.
Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure illness.
By purchasing or using any items from Lost River Naturals, it is implied that you have read and understand the risks of using herbs and herbal products and therefore release Lost River Naturals from any and all liability.
If you are pregnant or nursing, please do your own research before using herbal products.
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