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Deodorant ~ Powders

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Deodorant Cream
Available with or without essential oils.
or Coconut (unscented)
Made with organic and natural ingredients with NO harmful parabens, refined aluminum, propylene glycol, or other toxic chemicals found in many
other deodorants.  And it really works!
 (Organic calendula infused coconut oil, organic raw shea butter, organic natural cocoa butter, aluminum free baking soda, organic arrowroot powder, kaolin (white) clay, natural yellow beeswax and organic essential oils)
~Feel the freedom to go about your busy day and not have to worry about underarm odor.  With this terrific smelling, wetness absorbing, natural deodorant you will never have to secretly perform a "freshness sniff" again.  You'll be covered for 24 hours!  It's easy to apply with a silky texture; only a very small amount *pea sized or less* is needed and the scent absorbs into the skin so all you smell is fresh!   
 "I haven't even reapplied since yesterday and I still smell good;  I'm impressed!
I've been having a hard time finding even mainstream stuff to work for me, let alone natural.  I admit I fully expected this to go in the big pile of natural deodorants that didn't work, but this works great!"
~Lynn, NH
 Unscented (sensitive skin)
(no essential oils, has the light scent of cocoa butter and coconut oil, just as effective as scented options!)

1/2 oz trial size ~ $3.00 (will last at least 2 weeks!)
2.5 oz. jar ~ $15.00
4.5 oz. jar ~ $24.00

"I'm really impressed with your unscented deodorant. It's keeping my crazy (pregnant) hormonal self not smelly even when my drug store deodorant wasn't working." ~Ivy W.

"I have never used a deodorant this good! You better let me know if you're ever going to stop making it, because I'll have to stock up for life." ~Jessica L

Coconut Deodorant
Price: $3.00
Coconut Deodorant
2.5 oz. jar
Price: $15.00
Coconut Deodorant
4.5 oz. jar
Price: $24.00

Scented options:
"Lavender" (with true lavender, sweet orange, and tea tree)
"Patchouli" (with patchouli, vetiver, grapefruit & atlas cedarwood)

1/2 oz. trial size ~ $3.75 (will last at least 2 weeks!)
2.5 oz. jar ~ $18.00
4.5 oz. jar ~ $29.00
"My pits are sweet again!" ~Selena S.

" I was super nervous because I sweat a lot and have three young, busy boys. But through the humidity, swim practice, 
t-ball game & feeding the animals it lasted all day and I did not smell at all. It even held up through a pool party." ~Stephanie M.

 "I will only use Freedom Deodorant from now on! It just works, period. And I can breathe easy, knowing that I am not slathering toxins all over, just to smell nice." ~Katherine D.

"We LOVE your deodorant (Lavender scent to be exact) is AMAZING. My husband loves his Patchouli too. I haven't been able to find a deodorant that does the job - until I found yours!!!! A must have and I now can't live without it!!!!!"
Freedom Deodorant Cream
Price: $3.75
Freedom Deodorant Cream
2.5 oz. jar
Price: $18.00
Freedom Deodorant Cream
4.5 oz. jar
Price: $29.00

Dusting Powder
face and body!

Perfect for facial use or anywhere on the body, this oil absorbing, deodorizing powder is a delight.  Use this fragrant blend of natural ingredients for silky soft and refreshed skin from face to toe!  I like to use it as a cosmetic facial powder for an even complexion and matte finish.
with organic arrowroot powder, organic slippery elm bark powder, white and pink kaolin clays, and pure organic essential oils

 Choices are:
Earth (with cedarwood, patchouli, vetiver, frankincense & citrus)
Delight (with sweet orange, lavender & lemongrass)
Faery (with peppermint, lemongrass, grapefruit & lavender)
Tea Tree ~ for yeast issues on the skin
(with rosemary, tea tree, lemongrass)

~4 oz. shaker top jar $21.00

Dusting Powder
4 oz. jar
Price: $21.00
Baby Powder
No perfumes, scents or anything artificial; just the way it should be!  Talc powders and fragrances can be very harmful to baby's delicate skin and respiratory system.  
This powder is 100% natural with organic arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, organic slippery elm powder and love.
~no essential oils~ It has a nice, naturally fresh scent.
~$14.75 ~ 4 oz. shaker top jar
Baby Powder
4 oz shaker jar
Price: $14.75
Learn more about clay and naturally occurring trace minerals here:
~If you experience an unfavorable reaction to any product, please discontinue use immediately.  To perform an allergy test before using a new bath or body product, apply a small amount to the inside upper arm, leave on for one minute then rinse off.  If you see an unfavorable reaction within 24 hours, please discontinue use.  Keep products stored up and away from children.
Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure illness.
By purchasing or using any items from Lost River Naturals, it is implied that you have read and understand the risks of using herbs and herbal products and therefore release Lost River Naturals from any and all liability.
If you are pregnant or nursing, please do your own research before using herbal products.
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