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Freedom Deodorant Cream

3 ounces, Coconut Scent

Made with organic and natural ingredients. No harmful parabens, refined aluminum, propylene glycol, or other toxic chemicals found in many other deodorants.

Organic calendula infused coconut oil, organic raw shea butter, organic natural cocoa butter, aluminum free baking soda, organic arrowroot powder, kaolin (white) clay, and natural yellow beeswax


~Feel the freedom to go about your busy day and not have to worry about underarm odor. With this terrific smelling, wetness absorbing, natural deodorant you will never have to secretly perform a "freshness sniff" again. You'll be covered for 24 hours!

It's easy to apply with a silky texture; only a very small amount

*pea sized or less* is needed and the scent absorbs into the skin so all you smell is fresh.

Customers say:

"I haven't even reapplied since yesterday and I still smell good; I'm impressed! I've been having a hard time finding even mainstream stuff to work for me, let alone natural. I admit I fully expected this to go in the big pile of natural deodorants that didn't work, but this works great!" ~Lynn B.

3 ounce jar, Coconut Scent 

Freedom Deodorant Cream, 3 ounces (Coconut Scent)
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