Organic Tinctures

Taken by the drop instead of by the spoonful like in herbal syrup medicines, more concentrated tinctures do not require refrigeration and shelf life is indefinite due to the preservation from organic alcohol. Herbalists use alcohol as a medicine making medium because it effectively dissolves all of the precious herbal compounds from plants into a liquid and provides excellent preservation! We use a combination of organic alcohol (vodka), pure vegetable glycerin for a touch of sweetness.

Just toss into your bag for on the go convenience, or leave out by bedside table for easy access.

An adult does of tincture is typically 30-40 drops twice daily or more frequently during an illness.

Kids: 10-20 drops or less. 

One dose of tincture is equivalent to drinking one 8 oz. cup of tea.

1 ounce bottle = 30+ adult doses

2 ounce bottle = 60+ adult doses

4 ounce bottle = 120+ adult doses

*Save 12% by buying 2 ounce bottle,  save 25% by purchasing the XL 4 ounce bottle*

That's not all! Don't miss "More Tinctures" page! 

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